Just For Men

If you have not had the wonderful blessing of seeing the new batch of “Just for Men” commercials, I pity you.  There are 2, one titled “daddy’s girls” the other is “graduation” (I think).

They are perhaps the most insipid commercials ever made, or at least, near perfect examples of really bad advertising.
“Graduation” begins with a fine young man announcing to his parents that he has been accepted to college. Mom and dad are excited but concerned about the expense, maybe dad should “go for that new job”.  But alas, dad has grey hair. Will he have the nerve to take the big chance and color his hair? YES, and, son graduates with top honors, all because dad has thick rich BLACK hair. It ends with “dad, I love you.” wow.

“Daddy’s girls” opens with 2 precious girls approaching dad tentatively, and then offering up Just for Men. Dad accepts then finds the perfect woman and voila, happy family. Not sure what happened to mom number 1.

I would love to see an ad for “Just for Women”  that shows mom getting breast enhancement, then getting that big raise at work, thanks to her new breast, and then daughter at graduation thanking mom for showing her how to achiever her dreams.

What stuns me even more, is that some ad agency got away with pitching these spots, and then, Just for Men actually thought they were good. I know the target audience for J4M is most likely vain, insecure men, but are they really that gullible? I have no problem with hair dye for either sex, but to make the connection of happiness and hair color? So sad.

So, Just 4 Men, if you are reading this, lighten up, be funny, don’t take yourselves so seriously, it’s hair dye.


News Bias or BS

This past week I went to Washington DC to shoot a documentary for The March 4 Life, a rally to support the Pro-Life (or Anti-Abortion) Movement.

My job was to follow a 15 year old girl from her hometown in Birmingham to the March and document her opinions and reactions. But the event is not the reason for this post. What was most striking about the experience was what I read the day after the march. I picked up a copy of  USA Today and was blown away at the coverage. I know that there is a fair amount of “slant” in news coverage. It is just inevitable. But what USA Today had printed was unbelievable.

It started with a cover photo of “pro-choice” protesters in front of the supreme court building.

A second photo on the story inside the paper shows a prominent “Keep Abortion Legal” protester and a photo of the actual start of the march.

Part of my job was to shoot both sides of the issue. During my 6 hours of coverage I saw ZERO pro-choice signs. The coverage made it appear that it was a balanced mix for both sides, if not leaning toward pro-choice.

Next, the lead in stated that “Thousands of abortion opponents marched….” This was true. They also could have said over 200 thousand marched and it would also be true. Why minimize the numbers?

The article routinely refers to the marchers as “abortion foes” and pro-abortion people as “pro-choice.” To be fair, both should be either pro-life/pro-choice or anti-abortion/pro-abortion.

The “news” article went on to portray the pro-lifers as fringe racists who were making veiled threats against Obama. Now, while I did not have a chance to see all of the protest signs, the vast majority of what I did see was simply “choose life,” or something to that effect.

The march was peaceful and respectful. A major push by the organizers this year was to compare this march to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, which was also started by “religious fanatics who claimed maybe that Blacks could be afforded equal rights.” No mention of that in the article.

Whatever your opinion on this issue, do you really want your news coverage this biased? How many other articles are this slanted? I’ve always wondered how whole countries could turn evil (Germany, China, N. Korea). The ruling power takes over the press first. I am raising my kids to question everything, approach everything as if it is a lie, and test it till it fails or stands. Do the same, with your news, faith, life, etc.

that’s what I think.


Max Plays Heroscape

Max played in a Heroscape tournament yesterday at Pulp Fiction Comics in Lee’s Summit. Hereoscape is complicated board game that involves dice, strategy and lots of different game pieces. Also kind of like Dungeons and Dragons meets Risk. The Tournament had 42 entrants. Players are of all ages and skill levels. Some are very friendly and helpful, others take it a little too seriously. Max played  and went 4 and 0 to the final, then lost the final but got second place. We are proud of him. He played well and was a good sport even when he lost in the final.

From 09-01-03 Heroscape tourney
From 09-01-03 Heroscape tourney